Sunday, March 6, 2011

You're in for Trouble, and make that Double!

An affordable early vehicle for the Cobra ranks was the Flight Pod. Nicknamed the "Trouble Bubble", it was fairly iconic as well. A simple one man flying vehicle with a white/grey coloration and a clear bubble shaped canopy. It was well weaponized with two missiles, and a gun. It may have come with a hovering mine, but I don't recall that. I got one of these in a trade I made on the bus in grade school. I for some reason was so desperate for G.I.Joe stuff that I traded my ridiculously awesome Transformers Bruticus combiner for a handful of used Joe stuff. I would much later get a replacement Bruticus combiner in the Robots in Disguise 2001 Transformers line (renamed Ruination at that time). I am still a huge fan of the Trouble Bubble. I got two over the summer from the 25th anniversary line on a shopping trip to TJMaxx, when  I was on vacation in Washington DC. I acquired 2 more of these a few weeks back at a local Marshall's or TJMaxx. Another cool coloration of the vehicle in black with a translucent crimson canopy has recently surfaced from the cancelled 3rd wave of Target exclusive Rise of Cobra deluxe sized vehicles. A friend of mine has acquired me a pair from his local discounter Ross. Thanks Dave. Actually all three of my G.I.Joe collecting buddies who live outside Ohio have local Ross stores, which does not exist in the NE Ohio market. We currently are in a trade circle, buying each other whatever we need, from what we can find. Yo Joe, or should I say, Cobra!

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