Friday, March 11, 2011

Then & Now, Round 4: Wicket W Warrick '84 vs. Wicket '98 vs. Wicket '10

The day I got Wicket (W. Warrick) holds a place near and dear to my heart. Besides being the Ewok that introduces Leia to the Ewok Pack, he was the first of many Ewoks I owned as a kid. In a touching story, my mom came home one plain old shopping weekend (not being a holiday or anything) with a gift for me. My mom always did all the shopping for my army sized family on the weekends with her lady-friends, Kathy and Connie. So she says to me "I got you a figure, I hope you don't mind its a small one."  while holding up a figure with the cardback facing me. Then, wait for it, she turns it around for the big reveal...... WICKET! A fricking Ewok, my mom bought a fricking Ewok.... and unlike most naysayers in Star Wars fandom, I don't mean "fricking" in a bad way, I mean it like "frickin awesome"! The Ewoks had made Jedi for me. A ragtag bunch of little vicious tribal warriors who helped overthrow the Mighty Empire. I was gushing with surprise and happiness at this particular selection my mom had given to me on what would have otherwise just been a ho hum day in my life. My mom went on to buy me nearly every Ewok that came out, 6 of the total 8 released in the vintage line. I think the only reason she didn't buy the last two was because she didn't have an updated Power Of the Force cardback depicting the 7th and 8th Ewoks. So when Wicket had his update in 1998 I quickly snapped up him and the Ewok Medicine Man Logray, who came in a two pack. I was a bit disappointed by the modern incarnation as it seemed a bit over-sized. After more than another decade, in 2010, a new truer to form, smaller screen accurate Wicket has finally been released. I am very pleased with this rendition, and it brings back fond memories of that day long ago! (Queue Ewok Celebration song, yes for the second time today!) Again, many thanks to Rebelscum for granting me access to their extensive photo archive to all me to continue with this series "Then & Now".

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