Sunday, March 6, 2011

Form arms and legs, and I'll form the head

Bruticus was the second combiner Transformer for the Decepticon ranks after Devastator. Where Devastator was a unique combiner made of six individual robots, Bruticus would follow a new standard of 5 combiner robots to form one might Giant robot. Bruticus would share his basic combining style with the Aerialbots, the Stunticons, the Protectobots, and the Technobots. The limbs of each combiner could form either arm or either leg, they were also compatible amongst all the groups listed above. Bruticus had a military theme to him, hence the name of the combiner parts as the  Combaticons. He was comprised of a jeep, a  tank, a helicopter, a space shuttle, and a truck with a double cannon on it. Similar to the Aerialbots, the main vehicle, Onslaught, had a ramp attachment so that he could load on wounded vehicles for repairs. Although I had received the Aerialbots first in a box set, the Combaticons that formed Bruticus would be purchased separately. I remember the acquisition of two of the parts of Bruticus. One of the limbs, Swindle the Jeep, was an amazing coup. I found it at a gift shop at Sea World and although it was overpriced by about $2, my mom got it for me. Probably because it actually fit in with the Transformers I was collecting, and wasn't just some cheesy, shoddy souvenir that would normally be found at a gift shop in a Theme park. The other Combaticon I remember getting was Onslaught, the main body of Bruticus. I am pretty sure my dad bought it for me at BEST, and it was $2 off and only cost him $8. My dad is a sucker for good prices, he was probably pleased I saved him some dough. The final fate of my complete Bruticus, as mentioned in another post, was as a trade on the bus in grade school to get some shady second hand G.I.Joe figures and vehicles. I was very pleased when Bruticus reappeared for the 2001 Robots in disguise line as Ruination. Although the name and color scheme had changed, he was still Bruticus to me. This reincarnation was the perfect replacement for the Transformer i so hastily traded away in my youth. I would later give stronger consideration to any trades I would make.

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