Thursday, August 4, 2011

Scored a nice pair

The annual San Diego Con Convention was the other week, and there were a boatload of exclusives. Hasbro put there exclusives on the tuesday following the convention. Unfortunately for me, they sold out of Zartan's sister Zaranna in classic deco, and the "Cold Slither" variant scheme almost instantly. Cold Slither was an episode of the classic cartoon where the Dreadnoks disguised themselves as a band called Cold Slither, and attempt to broadcast mind-controlling subliminal messages through their music.

Another great Hasbro exclusive was the new as of yet unreleased Skystriker jet colored like the Transformers character Starscream with Cobra Commander as the pilot weilding Megatron in his gun form. These, amongst other items sold out so fast that it wasn't even worth trying to get them. Some people report having the items in their carts, but when proceeding to checkout the items disappeared and became sold out.

I did have luck with an exclusive that I didn't think would be offered online, Mattel's Monster High Ghoulia Yelps cosplaying as her in universe comic book hero Dead Fast. I heard the good news that 1000 were made available on through fans at the Monster High fansite:

The Ghoulia SDCC exclusive was $20 and shipping was going to be $10.55, I thought I might get a better price on two, and sure enough the shipping for 2 was only $11.75, making the average price per doll: $25.88, instead of the price one doll as $30.55 with the shipping.

(This picture is property of Mattel and is used for informational purposes only)

So a cool pair of Ghoulia's is on there way to me. This is downright amazing as in collector's circles mattycollector is known to be virtually impossible to get exclusives from before they sell out.

So this is the second SDCC item I have ever owned, the first was the "Pearl White" Marc from Battle of the Planets which I got for $20 I think it was back in 2003. I am pleased I didn't have to spend the money to fly to the convention, wade through tens of 1000's of con-goers, pay for convention admission, or hotel or overpriced food and still got a rare exclusive item. The only event that has happened at a SDCC so far that I wish I could have experienced was the Flynn's Arcade/End of line Club live action experience for Tron Legacy at last year's con.... man I want those tokens and the EoL club drink coaster SO BAD.

Oh well, all in all I am thrilled. See you all in my next post.