Thursday, November 17, 2011

Abbey & Toralei sold out lightning quick, see ya later girls.

I hope to get more of these gals in stock before the holiday. Want to stay up to the minute on Monster High dolls, then visit

Monday, November 7, 2011

Why so serious, about action figures?

This picture doesn't do the Heath Ledger likeness on this figure justice, but rest assured it is fantastic. If Mattel can keep up the level of quality we see on this figure in future releases then I think I'm hooked. The Dark Knight figures are a far cry from the Kenner/Hasbro figures we saw for the other movies throughout the 1990's. Pose-ability and sculpt are the two things I look for in action figures and I think this character is on the high end of the scale for likeness, with a fair amount of non distracting articulation to boot. We plan to carry more stellar DC action figures in the coming months.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Honey I shrunk Generation One

This week I was able to get ahold of the Transformers Reveal the Shield legends class Generation One wave. Even though I have an affinity for the matchbox sized spychangers, I haven't paid the similar scaled legends class much mind, until now. The set of six diminutive Transformers are a fun lot with Megatron finally returning to his gun form in a safe pint sized edition. The set also includes Optimus Prime in original snub nosed cab form, Starscream, Prowl, Gold Bumblebee AKA Goldbug, & Trailcutter AKA Trailbreaker. The toys also include an update of the original thermal rub insignias from our youth. This is a definite tip of the hat from Hasbro to long time Transformers enthusiasts. The whole wave is considered "tail-enders" as they were on the end of the 2nd movies merchandise run and did not see wide distribution. Check them out if you get a chance.