Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Fourth Anniversary of The Amazing Toyland. A look at Battle of the Planets Action Figures.

Today marks the fourth year since I posted my first entry on this blog. One of the earliest topics was a show called G:Force Battle of the Planets. Although the show aired in 1979-80, there wouldn't be action figures domestically until 2002. A long, long time to wait for toys. I was able to get the first three figures, Mark, Princess, and Keyop without much hassle at that time at my local Electronics Boutique. I later got the Comic Comic Con exclusive "Pearl White" Mark, and the ToyFare exclusive Princess. Zoltar was part of a second series I never saw at retail, I found him at a local anime convention at that time. I never did assemble the whole team, which is a shame. Though limited in articulation, the style on these Diamond Select figures is spot on to the anime. I so wonder what a live action version of the show, true to the original, would look like on the big screen. I doubt that quandary will ever be answered, perhaps for the best.