Sunday, April 14, 2013

A bit of house cleaning, some Ebay auctions are the result.

Had my friend, Ken, come over today to help supervise me while I went through boxes to straighten things up, organize, and take some photos for some auctions. By supervise, I mean he sat and watched movies, while I worked, b/c otherwise I would lack the motivation to actually turn my apartment into a living space and not just a Toy Warehouse. Not that I am getting rid of everything, I don't think that is ever going to happen. I just want to focus my collection in one main direction at a time. Although I don't plan to abandon my core LEGO collection anytime soon, my current Focus is going to be G.I.Joe for the time being. I'm sure since I am a shop-a-holic, that there will undoubtedly purchases of items besides Joes and LEGOs. Nevertheless, I hope to have a more streamlined and manageable collection, so that I can add things down the line without just putting it in a storage box and piling it on top of my other boxes. I'd really like to have a collection that is manageable and can be displayed nicely without being overwhelming. If you know me, or you've read any of my posts, you have a glimpse into the world of the toy addict. I suppose if you are here because google used something I talked about for you to home in on this blog, then you too may have some of the signs of a toy addict. Hopefully you are somewhat restrained, and a robust collection it not always a sign of addiction, mostly it is a sign of love for one creation, one fictional universe, that reflects who you are and what you identify with. Your collection tells other people, I like these things, I want to share stories about these things, the travels to get them, and the universe they represent... so are you in or are you out? Or like me, are you just out for the time being until later down the road you just buy the same stuff over again in a new or the same incarnation.
So without further ado here is the rundown on some things I will be parting with this week: Monster High fashion packs (Frankie, Spectra Vondergeist, & Toralei Stripes), The super hard to find Takara Car Robots 2000 Jusco exclusive spychanger set, Lego Spiderman Green Goblin & Mary Jane 1374, My Little Pony Cupcake, Sweetsong, Shenanigans, & Cherry Blossom, My Little Pony Friendship is Magic suitcase assortment: Diamond Rose, Pinkie Pie, Cherry Pie, Rainbow Dash, & Applejack, my last Sailor Moon adventure doll: Sailor Venus, my last Masked Rider SIC figure: Agito Trinity Form, Plenty of Transformers will be listed starting with Airachnid, my display of Star Wars Galactic Heroes single cards, some claw machine prizes of Popeye & Dorothy from Oz, One of my last 1997 original Tamagotchis white with blue trim... I really miss the first Tamagotchi I raised back in 1997 he lived for 21 days (RIP Mimetchi), MOTU He Man, Tri Klops & Orko (with VHS, certainly not my last VHS, I have mountains of them that I love so dearly), Star Trek Micro Machines which I think are the last of my carded Star Trek or Star Wars micros, and an Optimus Prime Kreon I got with a large Transformers Purchase from Toys R Us (nice try Hasbro, but I am loyal to LEGO and your KREO's have not swayed me...  yet)

Click here for my auctions!

As you see it's quite an eclectic batch of stuff, you might understand now how I need to streamline things. Bid if you want it, oh and for you international folks, shipping is a rough estimate but is usually accurate within a few dollars, if it is grossly out of line I will adjust it. I just don't box and weigh every auction separately b/c I get a lot of multiple auction winners. On the upside combined auctions do save off the total shipping.

Although I doubt you are at all surprised that I own even more spychangers than I have talked about so far.