Thursday, March 17, 2011

Then & Now, Round 5: Nikto '84 vs. Vizam '99/04 vs. Nysad '09

Well the original Nikto Jabba guard does not have a direct remake as such. He has two followup figures from the same species and occupation. The original figure did a good job of bolstering my Jabba's guard ranks. The same can be said of the two newer figures. It's surprising how much headway was made between the launch of the modern line in '95 to '99 when the Vizam figure was released. It holds up to the latest figures so well that it was reintroduced in '04 with only minor paint application changes. The Nikto Gunner of  '09, Nysad, is also another welcome addition. It is a well executed figure from the paint scheme & application, to the detail of the belts, to the removable helmet, which is always a welcome feature, down to the well sculpted face. I can hope Hasbro can move a remake of the original Nikto up in the ranks of figures to be done soon. Who knows, one might be announced as soon as San Diego Comic Con 2011, but I doubt we'll see anything earlier than Toy Fair 2012. I'm surprised that Hasbro still hasn't remade all of the original characters that Kenner released in the vintage line. (My continued thanks to for allowing me use of their photo archive)

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