Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Autobots take to the skies!

As a child I was rarely taken to the store, which was most likely a good strategy by my parents. However I think my mom would sometimes take me just to get an idea of what I'd like for my birthday or for Christmas. On one such scouting mission to BEST, I stumbled upon the Aerialbots gift-set. There were a number of awesome things going on with this set. First off, the Autobots were primarily automobiles, the Aerialbots were planes. Secondly, up to this point in time only the Constructicons formed a larger robot when combined, so it was cool that the Autobots would now have a combiner. Third, this set was honking huge compared to almost any other Transformer I had seen to date. It was an impressive sight, and I had the opportunity to hold it in my hands. Later the 5 Arielbots in this set would be sold seperately like all the combiners that would come afterwards. So to have them all in one huge box was astounding. After some time alone in the toy department drooling over what I found, my mom came back to check up on me. With this Superion Giftset being $29.99 I knew there was no way I was getting it on that visit to the store. I made my sales pitch nevertheless of how cool it was that it was airplane autobots, how they formed a giant robot, etc.  I would later discover my sales pitch was compelling enough, when I unwrapped the giftset as a Christmas present. Mom you are still the greatest, and I miss you.

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