Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Blurr, the fastest talking Autobot ever

In Transformers the Movie (1986), the character Blurr was voiced by that fast talking guy from those classic Micro Machine commercials. Blurr was probably my second favorite Autobot next to Wheeljack. As I seem to recall, though I may have things out of order: Blurr appeared in an episode of Transformers before the movie came out, that was set in the future. It is more likely that if this episode exists it was aired after the movie. I also seem to recall the day I got him as a gift was the Easter before the Summer release of the movie. My dad had taken me to the company Easter Picnic. I may have either found some money in an Easter egg hunt, or my dad simply promised to buy something for me. After the picnic we went to a Kmart somewhere in the vicinity of the event. Kmart, by the way, was one of the companies my dad worked for, and was the sponsor of the company picnic. I found a Blurr figure on the shelf, and read his bio, Autobot Courier, that made sense as he was so fast. I think the figure was around $11.99 though it may have been a dollar or two difference. Well my dad bought him for me, or used that money, if I had actually found some (Though I don't really remember finding an egg with money in it) It's far more likely that this was a consolation prize from my dad for me, since I likely got nothing at the picnic. Though the transformation of Blurr is rather simple, his robot form was elegantly sleek and natural looking. He bent at the knees, which was nice as earlier Autobots really didn't have leg articulation. He overall was a cool character, which made the Movie all that much cooler for me when I watched it, since I owned one of the main characters. His gun and shield were great accessories. It would take over two decades for Hasbro to make a Blurr figure that I felt was a true homage to this movie classic.

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