Thursday, March 3, 2011

Let Mama Joe know her boys are coming home for dinner.

Well I'm happy I had two auctions end and get paid for via buy it now. I was able to justify today's purchase of 8 G.I.Joe Pursuit of Cobra figures (and Wreck-Gar). All three of my friends who are into G.I.Joe and who now live in different parts of the country will each be getting a new Low Light figure. I'm surprised I found 1 of these yet alone three. I called Dave, Kev, & Cam and let them know I got them their figure. I also got the new Predator inspired Cobra Shadow Tracker, and the Joe HALO diver SkyDive. SkyDive was going to be a version of Ripcord in the initial planning stages, but after Hasbro decided to separate the current POC line from Rise of Cobra, things got changed up a bit. After the shake-down, Ripcord was no longer in the mix, but the neat HALO figure was given a new head and (an Aerialbot) name, SkyDive. All in all a nice little run, fitting keenly in budget.

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