Thursday, March 3, 2011

First 26 colorations

Alright let me start the tracking of the G2 Go-bots to TF2000/RID2001 spychangers, & Jusco exclusives. In Generation 2 the six molds were used to make 14 characters. G2 Go-Bots Megatron from TFW2005, G2 GO-Bots Optimus Prime also from TFW2005, the 3rd picture is from the TFWiki the top row shows the six spychangers from TF2000/RID2001 & the bottom 12 are from G2 Gobots, the next 6 recolors are from the Japanese Jusco store promotion for TF2000. Okay so this covers the first 26 incarnations of these Transformers. So I was just searching around for images of these spychangers when I discovered a mirrored copy of my old RID2001 website from Geocities. Many thanks to whoever preserved this rudimentary site. Feel free to check out my 10 year old site here. I thought this site was deleted, I'm so happy to find this copy of it.

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