Thursday, March 3, 2011

An amazing array of colors, G2 Go-Bots reborn

The Transformers Go-Bots from the mid 90's returned in Japan as the "spychangers" in the Transformers Car Robots 2000 toy-line. This line would launch the following year, 2001, in the states and replace the slow moving Beast Machines line. The US version of the line was called "Robots in Disguise". The supporting cartoon was classically animated instead of computer animation. Unfortunately due to censor screening related issues the show aired out of order, which really hurt the performance of the line. The recolored G2 Go-Bots as TF2000 spychangers would undergo even more recolors. In Japan they were recolored for a promo at Jusco stores. A few years later they would be recolored and have variants recolors in the Lottery Spychangers blind-boxed series. These were trading figures, whereby you had to open sealed boxes to determine which character you had. The primary colorations were the "Super" designation, and each vehicles had a secondary "Chase" variation that occurred about 1 in six cars, increasing the rarity of these colors. In the US the spychangers were first recolored in Robots in Disguise packaging exclusive to Kay Bee Toys, later they would be recolored a another time in Armada style packaging, with only the Transformers logo on the card (omitting the Armada designation). The Spychangers also released several cars that were due in the 90's but never released. These would also be recolored as Generation 1 characters. A handful of new molds were made for characters specific to Robots in Disguise. There were also recolors of these molds that were exclusive to Walmart, with paint schemes matching Sam's Club exclusive full size Robot in Disguise. I personally lost track of all the repaints so I don't have an exact number at this time, I may do some more research and specific focus on these in the future.  Visit TFW2005 to see the initial Japanese Car Robots 2000 multi-pack.

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