Thursday, March 17, 2011

Have you considered pants?

So even though I travel to the far reaches of toy stores all over, I sometimes find it hard to purchase the necessities of life. One of these things I've been slacking off about for a good 6 months or so, is buying some new pants that fit me. I managed to gain a good amount of weight over the last year, and have been stuck with a two pairs of slightly tight at the waist pants and a mess of pajama pants. So the other day I went online to Target and found some pants in a size that should fit me better at $4.98 a pair. I ordered six pairs, and to cover the slack to get up to the free shipping with $50 mark, I checked with another friend who is a bit lazy about getting new clothes. I ended up ordering him 2 pairs of another style that were $12 each. Then I managed to find a coupon that took $5 off and I still got free shipping. So finally after procrastinating for way too long, I will be able to wear some nice new black pants shortly. I almost feel civilized. Note: if you have never seen the sketch "Pants" from the old MTV sketch show "The State" I recommend you dig it up.

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