Friday, April 1, 2011

LEGO Collectible Minifigure Series 3 overload

So just as series 4 is getting released, and my local LEGO brand store is about to open for business... I break down and decide to stock up on Series 3 figures. Come on, they were on sale for an average of $2.24 after a buy one get one helf off sale at Toys R Us from retail of $2.99. That's only a quarter higher than when series 1 was released last May. They were $1.99 then, also when I found the first box of Series 2 at Target they were $1.99 and I committed to buying a box. But honestly, for series 2 I had a friend lined up to buy a set from me, and I dumped a second set off at cost, to be left with the third set and a few extras for me and my brother. I swore I was done with series 3, after the odd few I bought, even though I didn't find the cyborg Blacktron guy or the Native American chief.

Well I skipped the old "feel a foilbag" method and just tore into these series 3 guys with my brother and some friends at my local Denny's. We had a good time, and ended up with some trade bait I plan to use to get the guys I want from series 4. So far I only have plans to get Hazmat workers, Musketeers, Punk Rockers, and Mad Scientist from series 4. Even though I say that now, I suppose I'll end up breaking down and buying a bulk lot.

Well the good news was my brother got the cyborg Blacktron guys x 2, and the Baseball players he wanted. He also ate up the tennis players, snowboarder chicks, aliens, and a couple others. I meanwhile got my Native American Chief and a pair of Modern Forestman counterparts (AKA elves). The spread on the lot was fairly even except for the Sumo wrestlers which we ended up with 9 of. However considering the lot we got was the halves of two separate display boxes, I am amazed that basically we got two complete sets and extras. It's a shame we had no interest in a  complete set, but so goes things in the world of collecting.

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