Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Easter selections for boys this year

G.I.Joe is a perennial favorite of boys since the 80's. Right now Marshall's has some of the 25th anniversary figures that came out before the Rise of Cobra movie, for $3.99 apiece. This is a bargain price, as I recall when I stopped collecting Joe's in the early 90's they were either $2.79 or $2.99. These modern figures are easily worth $5.99-$7.99. Gabriel brothers has a selection of the Rise of Cobra (ROC) figures for $3.99 as well, the same holds true for their retail value of $5.99-$7.99. These ROC figures are from the later waves that were produced in lower numbers than the earlier waves of figures. A perfect fit for an Easter Basket this year.

Another favorite amongst boys is LEGO, and contrary to popular belief, not all LEGO is overpriced. Here we have some examples of affordable LEGO for this year's Easter celebration. The Ninjago Bone Chopper polybag is $3.49 at Toys R Us and is an exclusive. Target has a counterpart to this Ninjago set (not pictured), that would make a perfect pair. The small boxed sets usually sell for $3.99 apiece, but are on sale until the 16th at buy 1 get 1 %50 off, which averages to $2.99 apiece (Available at Toys R Us).

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