Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The toy lot from LA

So my buddy, Dave, has been buying a few things for me on and off as he finds it out in California. I just got a package last week that he's been building up since Fall 2010. I'm psyched about the LEGO Kingdoms Advent Calendar, which is full of all sorts of good characters which are exclusive to this set, like: The Queen, The Prince, The Blue Wizard, and the Blacksmith. It also has tons of other goodies in it, and it was exclusive to the LEGO Brand store, which we didn't have in the Cleveland area, although we do have one now. I also got 8 assorted King's Knights from the 2007/08 Castle theme, which is a new incarnation of the Blue Crown Knights from the first LEGO Castle from about 1980, which I had as a child. I got a pair of LEGO collectible figures, the Luchedore from series 1, and the Witch from series 2. Lastly on the LEGO end is two Skeletal Steeds, which are for my Evil Army of the Undead.

For Hasbro's Star Wars line I got the Ewok and Ewok Glider from the $25 battlepack, which he had gotten for about half that price, and sold off the Luke and Imperial Officer. I think this Ewok is supposed to be Warok, one of the Ewoks that was in the classic Kenner line. Another neat thing he sent me, though not pictured, are some cardboard Endor backdrops, which will be perfect for when I finally set up my Return of the Jedi Ewok battle. These save me the time of trying to make a Forest environment from scratch.... which I probably would never get around to because it requires work.

The remainder of the package from Dave, is made of 25th Anniversary & Rise of Cobra (ROC) G.I.Joe Hasbro action figures. The tan desert camo figures are Zartan as a PIT trooper, Law & Order the MP and canine, the Female Dailtone who was introduced in the GIJoe Resolute webisodes, and the last one is either Dusty or an actual PIT trooper. In the classic Joe toyline, Dialtone had been male. Since I started collecting GIJoe again early this year, I missed the Dreadnoks, Torch, Buzzer, and Ripper, and although I still need a Buzzer I got the other two mercenary hooligans in this lot. The last three Joes, are more 25th figures, including Lt. Falcon & Tunnel Rat who debuted in the 80's Animated movie, and Outback the survivalist who was also one of my favs.

Oh yeah, I also got the recolored ROC Mole Pod from the Toys R Us exclusive multi-pack. So now I have all three colorations of this vehicle which fills the void of never getting a driller pod from Teenage Muntant Ninja Turtles (if they ever made the a toy from the much used vehicle from the TMNT animated series). So that wraps up this haul, I have another package due from my sister, and my buddy Cam. More on those when they arrive.

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