Monday, April 11, 2011

Drooling toy-a-holic in LEGO Heaven

Well a LEGO Brand store has opened in the Cleveland, OH area and I must admit I had one hell of a weekend during the Grand Opening of Beachwood Place's store. I went on Friday with my friend from high school and her son after his school let out. He was tempted to skip school, but didn't. This conjures memories of reports of some Pokemon related launch, I think it was for an Official Pokemart store, and many, many kids skipped school to be there. Anyways we waited about a half hour in  line to get into the store. Once inside we marveled at the vast selection of common sets, and exclusives. We decided however to skip purchasing anything Friday as there was an exclusive set of minifigures being given away with a $35 purchase to the first 500 customers on Saturday. So I called the mall office to see when the mall opened. I was told it would be 10AM.... then I asked when does it open to mall-walkers, "Oh well 8:30 or 9:00". Well we made plans to be there at 8:30AM. We got there bright and early with my LEGO fanatic brother. We all ended up getting our exclusive sets, as we were maybe 13th in line if you count children. The store actually opened its doors early at about 9:30AM. I am very, very happy to have participated in the grand opening mayhem... and it was a madhouse. All told by 11AM when I left the mall thousands of fans had lined up for the Store, and the master building event! I will have more on this subject soon.

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