Saturday, April 2, 2011

Transformers Knock Off Cyberjets/Robot Masters

Found a gem today that I had seen en masse at Family Dollar, but this time as the combination of both G2 Cyberjets, at Tuesday Morning. These are reverse engineered off actual Hasbro/Takara Transformers that were seen in Generation 2 as Cyberjets, but may have been used about 5 years ago in Japan's Robot Masters, but I'm not sure. These knock-offs are naturally of some of the poorest quality. I bought them as I had missed buying the G2 Cyberjets from the dump bins of Kay Bee Toys 15 years ago. Visually, they blend okay with real TF's. I am pleased, and only wished they had been released in the Car Robots 2000/Robots in Disguise line. The two biggest problems are one of the rocket's doesn't fit in the launcher on one, and the back landing gear is non-functional. The packaging is a knock off  of the Robot Masters style. If you can't find them at Tuesday Morning try Family Dollar.

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