Saturday, April 9, 2011

Says the Night Raven, GIJoe forevermore

So another of the vastly overpriced item from the G.I.Joe Rise of Cobra movie (ROC) was the electronic Night Raven. It came out at $39.99 or better and doesn’t include batteries.  Nevertheless the vehicle itself is definitely awesome and worth owning. A reincarnation of the classic Night Raven, though admittedly much smaller,  it includes the modern incarnation of the Strato-viper who was designed for the 25th Anniversary line (25th) that preceded ROC.  I was lucky enough to get the Strato-Viper in his classic colors from the 25th Cobra Island 7 figure boxed set, that Dave was nice enough to allow me to get just the figures I wanted without buying the whole box (which was an internet exclusive).  I got a Night Raven a month or two ago for the bargain price of $15 on clearance at TJMaxx or Marshalls. This week I bought a second at the steal price of $10….. just ten dollars!?! I’m happy,&  I will probably sell off the pilot ;)

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