Friday, April 1, 2011

Stunning Beauty

So "Attack of the Clones" is probably my favorite movie of the prequel trilogy. Many fans complain about stiff or poor acting, poor plot, and other problems. I think Anakin was well acted and specifically portrayed as being the direct bloodline of the whiny Luke we see in "A New Hope". Like Son like Father. Lines like "I swear, Anakin, someday you'll be the death of me" are golden and not just trite pandering. The love affair was a bit rushed, but so be it. The introduction of the Clone Army is definitely cool. The Emperor's rise to power with Jar Jar as the scapegoat is brilliant retribution for Jar Jar existing. I think the action was not as dizzy-ing as "Revenge of the Sith". Anakin's turn to the path of the dark side by slaughtering his mother's killers wholesale is moving in a dark way. I continued to be pleased with Amidala's costumes. To this end it was difficult to pass up this lovely Padme in Tattooine Peasant Disguise. So difficult it is now part of my collection, I guess I couldn't pass it up. The use of cloth is nice, and seeing Portman on a vintage style card is fun.

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