Friday, May 27, 2011

Then & Now, Round 6: Rancor Keeper '84 vs. Malakili '97 vs. Malakili '09

Well I haven't been keeping up on this feature like I would like to, so tonight it's back at Round 6. I never had the original Rancor Keeper, although I had the Rancor beast in my youth and I was a fan of it. The 1997 incarnation, dubbed "Malakili" was one I ended up with a few of. To help clear some figures off the pegs Hasbro rep's put $2 off coupons on figures that were left on the shelf. I was out at Walmart in Eastlake in '97 or '98 and the Malakili was marked down to $1. I took 2 of him up to the register and used the $2 off coupon, lo and behold the total after the coupon was $.12! Twelve cents for two figures, you can't beat that.

The 2009 edition  of Malakili was in a better scale to modern figures and not as bulky as the Power of the Force (2) figures from the late '90s. I bought him with the other 7 Return of the Jedi figures that were released in that 2009 wave. That way I was able to build two droids from the build-a-droid promotion. Each figure came with a part to build an astromech droid like R2-D2. The build-a-droid promotion is now over sadly enough, it was good while it lasted. Now I need to track down the Target exclusive Rancor Beast from a few years back. (photos from this article are courtesy of the photo archive at

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