Saturday, May 28, 2011

Reliving my old geocities website

The following is copied from my old geocities Transformers Fansite created starting in July 2001:

Robots in Disguise
Hello and welcome to my first website. I hope to offer here an array of photos involving the new Transformers Robots in Disguise toy line. The photos will include toys in package, toys displayed, and Japanese versions of the toys. Site is updated on a totally irregular basis please check back for more info. 

Here reborn for 2001 is the Mighty Optimus Prime! In Japan he was released under the name Fire Convoy. The original Optimus Prime was named Convoy in Japan, this new name reflects the fact that he transforms into a Fire Truck. Optimus also has another mode that pays tribute to his earlier incarnation, I hope to have a photo of that up soon. 

The new 2001 Autobot line up is seen here: XBrawn (AKA Wildride) the silver SUV, Prowl (AKA Mach Alert) the police Lambourghni , Side Burn (AKA Speedbreaker) the blue Dodge Viper. The spychangers previously Go-bots in Generation 2 from 1995: Hot Shot & R.E.V., Ironhide & Mirage, W.A.R.S. & Crosswise. All nine of these autobots were seen in the Car Robots 2000 line. The six spychangers were in both the CR2000 line and Gen2 1995 line

This is a little action setup featuring the new Robots in Disguise Ultra Magnus. Ultra Magnus' robot form leaves something to be desired but his car carrier form is outstanding. Operating Magnus' main gun port are the spychangers Mirage and Ironhide. Dueling at the back end of the trailer are RID Prowl and Machine Wars Megatron. I used a little creative spirit here by outfitting Prowl with a saber from a Gundam toy. Also I have Prowl transformed into his "Samurai Style" with the doors acting as hip armor and the shoulder guards turned forward to sleek out his overall look. BTW I'm trying to aquire the Deception Machine Wars jet Megaplex, Firecracker, Highbeam, Megatron, Optimus Prime,  and Doubleclutch Go-Bots from Gen2 1995. Anyone who has these for trade please email me at:  

Megatron is shown here in his first US release package. I hope that a newer package version will come out shortly with only English on it. (Editors note, only the five U.S. exclusives came with english only packaging 7/31/02) Megatron was known as Gigatron in the Japanese Car Robots 2000 toy line. In Japan he was the leader of the Destrons, here in the US he continues to lead the Predacons as he did in Beast Wars. 
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