Sunday, May 1, 2011

G.I.Joe lot arrives, part 2 of 2

Here's the second box of G.I.Joe goodies from my sister. On the top left we have the Snake Trax ATV that came with Scrap Iron from the first wave of movie vehicles. Just below it is a pair of Arctic Rockslide ATV's with Snow Job. These three came in at $7.99 versus the initial movie launch price of $15.99. On the bottom left are two figures from the 25th anniversary line, the Cobra Viper & Paraviper. Both of these were $3.99 rather than $7.99 and they came from a Marshall's. Center top are two more Cobra Fury Urban Theater vehicles. On the center bottom is 4 additional Arctic Threat Air Assault Gliders. The grand prize are the three Sand Serpent Desert Battle repaints of the Night Viper from the Rise of Cobra. They were initially intended to be Target exclusives, I think, anyhow they ended up at Ross for $15.99 versus $39.99. So this batch came in at $127.86 (plus $22 shipping) versus $274.86 original retail value.

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