Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Great Lakes Mall celebrates 50 years by remodeling

My hometown mall, Great Lakes Mall, here in Mentor, OH is getting a much needed face-lift. With plans for the renovation announced earlier this year in the local paper, it's nice to see the renovation work has begun. The photo from their facebook page today made me do a double take. It looked ominously like the gutted dead malls I've seen on the internet. Luckily this is just the North end with the old tile ripped up, and the columns ripped away from the support girders, making preparations for the "new look". Part of the redesign calls for a minimalist approach as far as the columns go, so they will now be steel girders instead of well, whatever they were before. The article in the paper stated they were hoping to source the new floor tiles from within Ohio. The previous tiles from the last renovation 15-20 years ago (?) were said to be imported from Italy. Well, kudos to Simon for giving "the mall" some much-needed loving.

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  1. Remember the fountain with all the benches outside of where Rite Aid used to be? Smoker's heaven! There was nothing sexier than walking through the GLM in 1996 with a cigarette in hand.