Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kevin Wansley former art director for Wild Planet Interview regarding Battle Crawlers

 I recently had the oppurtunity to talk to Kevin Wansley, who was the art director for Wild Planet Entertainment, about the Battle Crawlers toy line. Here's what he had to say in regards to a few questions asked:

Hi Paul,
Thanks for your interest in my Battle Crawlers packaging.
I worked as an Art Director for Wild Planet Entertainment from 1999-2009,
and Battle Crawlers was one of the brands I art Directed and designed.
I will try to answer you questions as completely as possible.
Q: Was this a package proposal for the toy line, or was the product released in this design? (image above)
A: The BC(Maxxo)image on my site was the 3rd iteration of the BC packaging. It was specifically
designed for the international markets/clients of Wild Planet and was not released in the domestically. 
The blister package showing the disassembled product was a departure from the domestic closed box packaging.

Q: Was this package design made before or after the product was released on the market?
A: This particular package design was released after the product was released to market. As I mentioned
the original packaging was closed box. There were 2 versions of the domestic closed box packaging that were released.
Version one had photos of the assembled product on the front with sparks coming out of the wheels and a glow around the product.
The next year I redesigned the package with the product looking real and battling in a post apocalyptic wasteland.

Q: Do you have more pictures of this piece?
A: Im attaching pictures of version one and version two packaging plus an exclusive "Duel-Pack" that was designed for TRU.  

Q: Does this piece still physically exist?
A: The Battle Crawlers brand was first released by Wild Planet around 2004 and was on shelf domestically until 2006-2007
    *The original product was called Battle Bugs by Bandai and only available in Japan. In 2004 Wild Planet licensed the brand and
     produced it as Battle Crawlers.

I hope this answers your questions. If you visit my website: zanamandesign.com you can see some of the other toy packaging that I
Art Directed/Designed for Wild Planet Entertainment.

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