Friday, May 20, 2011

Rise of the Machines! Autobots, Transform & Roll Out

Here's a nice piece by McFarlane from Terminator Rise of the Machines, The Endoskeleton T-X Terminatrix fighting the wounded Terminatior. The T-X was cool in the movie not only for being a hot chick, but for being a combination of endoskeleton and liquid metal. This boxed set also came out of storage today with that Alien and Predator stuff, which is up for auction with the G2 Transformers: My auctions for the week. Below we have Wrecker Hook and Indy Heat from the Transformers Car Robots 2000 line (Not For Sale). I managed to snag these years back, and was lucky enough to have duplicates b/c I ended up in a bind a couple of years ago and had to sell the majority of my Transformers Robots in Disguise 2001 toys. Now I'm getting psyched about Dark Side of the Moon.

Below is a survivor from my TF:RID collection, the Autobot three pack (NFS) comprised of some nifty repaints of some very clever molds previously used in the ill fated Beast Machines toy-line. I also dig both the US and Japanese package designs. Maybe after I get my art degree I can make stuff as awesome as this.

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