Sunday, May 1, 2011

G.I.Joe lot arrives, part 1 of 2

Well in the past week I got two boxes crammed with G.I.Joe goodies from my sister. She had some fun dropping into a sh!t-ton of Ross and TJMaxx stores on my behalf and phoning me with her finds. Her check is in the mail for these awesome lots. On the left we have two boxes of MARS Industry troopers, Destro's loyal soldiers. I think these supposedly retailed for $24.99 when the movie launched and were pretty much an internet exclusive, I got them for $6.99 apiece. Top center and right are four Pursuit of Cobra HISS tanks. These should be the running change coloration in black as opposed to the original burgundy. These came in at $11.99 apiece, and had retailed for $24.99 apiece. Bottom left is the POC Cobra Fury, the new incarnation of the vintage Cobra Rage. It comes with an Alley Viper officer, and is priced the same as the HISS Tank. Bottom right are the Air Assault Glider & Desert RAM cycle, which had been intended as the last wave of deluxe figures from Target, but they never made it there. These were $5.99 apiece as opposed to the $9.99, they would have been released at. These last two vehicles are "off-screen" vehicles and the side of the box makes reference to the continuing story arc of the "Pursuit of Cobra".

So this lot comes in at $85.91 plus about $20 in shipping as opposed to the original retail of $194.91. A tidy savings on an arsenal of toys.

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