Friday, February 25, 2011

"We really do care!" -Kenner Customer Service Motto

So before 1995 when Cincinnati, Ohio based Kenner toys was absorbed by Pawtucket, Rhode Island based Hasbro, their customer service motto was "We really do care!" I for one am inclined to believe this. Kenner brought us a sizable group of popular toys in the 1980's from Star Wars to Strawberry Shortcake to Care Bears and more.

One of the neatest things as a kid was getting a mail away premium. These usually involved sending in a handful of proof of purchase seals, and a nominal shipping and handling fee. There are two specific Star Wars figures I was keen on getting that I think my mom couldn't find in stores, R2-D2 and Yoda. I think my mom must have contacted Kenner's CS desk to arrange for these two figures to be mailed to me on two seperate occasions. From what I can tell from online resources, neither of these figures was a widely advertised promotion, suggesting they may have been courtesies by the CS department of Kenner. It's neat to think that a company that really does care can team up with a mother who does the same.

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