Monday, February 28, 2011

The Hot Wheels meet their maker

Like any young kid I had a number of Hot Wheels and/or other diecast cars. I think I would be remiss not to mention that I did at least at a very young age have an interest in them. I can remember how the one with opening doors suddenly gained the ability to fly. I was fascinated by the moving parts, like the opening doors or the opening hood. Otherwise the static ones that just rolled didn't appeal to me too much. Perhaps this was because I didn't have any race tracks, but my brothers did, So maybe my mild interest had more to do with my brothers using the plastic tracks to whip the sh!t out of me. In turn my Hot Wheels soon found their way outside on one fateful day. I dug a small tunnel a few inches down into the flower bed and one by one the cars I did own proceeded down said tunnel. Unfortunately for them, after they got into the tunnel, I buried them with dirt, never to be seen again. I think that marked the end of my interest in die cast cars. Hot Wheels, it's logo and likeness are property of Mattel and are used here for educational or entertainment purposes only.

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