Monday, February 28, 2011

Another mysterious Takara Robot with the Diaclone pilots

Another great toy I got when I exchanged my duplicate Ultra Magnus was this guy. it is also made by Takara of Japan and included 2 of the little pilots that also fit in G1 Transformers. I can't remember whether or not it actually had spring loaded fists or missiles, but I highly doubt it. The robot forms three vehicles, the coolest of which was the head. The head turned into a little Penny Racer sized wheeled vehicles with that cool clear dome, and a pull back friction motor so it could zoom around. I also loved the antennae on this guy. Somehow he didn't survive my youth even though most my other toys did. I can only wonder about what his final fate was. Image is from The Pre-Transformers page, check them out for the scoop on where the Transformers came from, and who didn't make the cut.

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