Sunday, February 27, 2011

Awesome Rise of Cobra deals & Tasty Vintage Chips

Well I went on a little toy run today. Stopped by Target. I can't believe how fast they processed a return I had, they simply scanned my receipt and the two items I brought back, and bingo, a credit was issued to my card. That was crazy streamlined. Next I stopped by my local Gabriel Brothers, the Easter stuff was not set up yet, I'm looking forward to some possible Hasbro exclusives to pop up there. I stopped by Ollie's the not so discount, "discount retailer" I picked up the former Walmart exclusive  Snake-eyes vs Storm Shadow Rise of Cobra boxed set for a friend of mine for $12.99. I then picked up a handful of Rise of Cobra single carded figures at the real discount store, Marc's (a Middleburg, OH based company) for $2.99 apiece. I ended up with six figures for my friend Kev, who's got a birthday coming up. I bought 1 more for my friend Cam in sunny Arizona. I got myself 3 Ice Vipers & a Duke in Reactive Impact armor. I noticed while I had the stockpile of figures in my arm that some of the packages looked a little odd. I turned them over to discover they were Multi-lingual packages, most likely intended for a foreign market, possibly Europe. In the end of the day I had a store exclusive pack, 3 Ice Vipers, 2 Duke in Delta 6 accelerator suit, 1 Duke in Reactive Impact Armor, 1 City Strike Duke, 1 City Strike Snake-eyes, 1 Jungle Strike Ripcord, 1 Paris Pursuit Baroness, 1 ParaViper, and two vintage style full size bags of Doritos Original Taco chips. So that's 11 figures that had been $6.99 each so $76.89 MSRP value, that I got for $32.89, a boxed set that was $19.97 for $12.99, and two bags of limited edition Doritos for $4.98 instead of $7.98. A decent haul for the day.  Later this week I'm going to check out the Toys R Us 2 for $10.99 sale on current G.I.Joe figures.

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