Monday, February 28, 2011

Dinosaur Robo

A Rare opportunity to own a truly rare graded boxed Pre-Transformers Dinobot   An awesome graded example of a Pre-Transformer Diaclone Dinobot has cropped up on Ebay. You won't see this very often although I remember their availability a little differently. So I can remember breaking a classmate's Dinobot in grade school. I thought I was up a creek b/c I had to shell out like $16 to replace it. Instead he agreed to accept a replacement that my mom had me pick out at Just Closeouts. I recall a decent sized shelf space full of these nearly dead on "replica" Dinobots, made from the same mold and everything. They were $4 each. I can remember the graphic on the box, and I think it was one of these Diaclone toys seen in this auction. If not one of these, then either an Italian Gig or a knock off. Although I looked at some knock off boxes and they don't seem to have the grid I remember on the box front. Either way they are all worth beaucoup bucks. I'm pretty sure my mom asked me if I wanted one, and I think I declined. All the better b/c I would have probably sold it or traded it off and be more angry about it than I am amused at what they are worth.

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