Friday, February 25, 2011

Transform and roll out!

So let us continue on my journey of toy "firsts". The Golden Age of Transformers was a wicked time. The toys were so hot that stores had a nearly impossible time keeping any stocked at all. One lucky day I came across Wheeljack at either my local Gold Circle or Zayre store. I asked my mom if I could have it. She agreed. However there was a problem, the box on this toy was open. So my mom and I proceeded to customer service. She had them open it to discover the accessories were missing. She then proceeded to talk them down on the price. They ended up slashing $2 off the price. Which at the time was a hefty sum. I think that the price was initially either $8 or $6, but whatever the cost I got him for $2 cheaper. Turns out this was a rather favorable find, as Wheeljack was one of the few first generation Transformers whose fists were part of the body instead of detachable. Otherwise I would have had a sad sad fist-less figure as my first Transformer.

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