Friday, January 24, 2014

The excitement builds as the release of "The LEGO Movie" approaches.

I'm super excited about the long awaited "The LEGO Movie". I think it's great that they chose to go with the "stop motion" look for the movie instead of the "rubbery" CGI graphics used for the shorts and the video games. The '80s something Blue Space Guy is an excellent inclusion into the film, tying the old schoolers like myself to the new school. I must admit for years and years through the end of the 90's into the early 00's I was reluctant to get back into LEGO toys because I perceived the price to be too high. Ironically I find myself selling off the Star Wars toys I did buy then to get LEGO now. There was a time around 2003 that the LEGO Group almost went out of business. Toys of sets were marked down to 75% off or greater. I bought up some sets at that time, and remained a collector up to and including now. LEGO and G.I.Joe are now my mainstays with the occasional Transformer thrown into the mix. (Oh and NECA figures very rarely).

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