Thursday, April 3, 2014

Hyper Articulated & Accessorized 1:18th Scale Figures, it's a whole new game, to Marauder Task Force!

Well as recent readers may be aware, I am a huge fan of Hasbro's G.I.Joe. I think one of the things the Rise of Cobra 2009 Movie toyline did right was present the Joe team in a blue camo duty uniform. Finally giving Joes that much needed "uniformity". I know what some of you are thinking: "Heresy! Joes are a team of unique specialists without a single 'uniform'!". Funny the 1982 Joes are collectively referred to as "Green Shirts", but then G.I.Joe branched out and every new team member seemed to bring their own outfit to the battlefield, or Chaplain Assistants' Motor Pool. Well I was psyched about the release of Steel Brigade Trooper, as it represented the average Joe, instead of the very Specific Joe. I own at least 24 Pursuit of Cobra Steel Brigade Troopers. I am still a huge fan of all the specialists in the original line and onward, I just wish that occasionally they would get into a standard uniform. Well.... Marauders Gunrunners, who have been making and selling 1:18th scale weapon accessories for years, launched a Kickstarter at the beginning of April that is about to augment the ranks of your favorite base soon... well wait, Are you an adult? This is important, because these are not "toys" but "gaming system figures" and as such are strictly for adult collectors. Well as I am typing this blog entry on the third day of the Kickstarter campaign the project's base goal of $30K is met and exceeded, tooling has been green-lit. Now let's be totally clear here, Hasbro's G.I.Joe is the premiere long standing toy action figure line. I love the toys. Now as an adult, I am ready to get myself some great "gaming system figures". Will they be as cool as Joes? The proof will be in the pudding. Delivery of figures is estimated for Christmas of 2014. Hasbro and Marauder Gunrunners are two unique and different companies and I am not suggesting a direct tie between the two companies. Nor do I work for either company, nor at the time of this writing am I in an advertising affiliation directly with either of these two companies. Solely as a adult fan of highly articulated military toy figures with tons of accessories I recommend, if you are an adult collector, to check out the Kickstarter project and decide for yourself if this is the sort of thing the average Joe has been waiting for:

Marauder Task Force Gaming Figures

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