Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Takara Japanese Megatron Go-bots added to my ever growing Tiny Transformers Collection

So a friend of mine has been telling me for months that he had a Megatron that he got back in the 90's when his friend went to Japan. We never nailed down a good price or trade, but this week we got together and figured it out. I got the Dutch and Predator Toys R Us exclusive two-pack (with a 15% off coupon) and traded it against the still carded Go-bots Megatron. The card was a little rough but better than the only one on Ebay, and most importantly still sealed. With this addition there are three (well technically four) iterations of the first 6 Go-Bots molds that I have never owned. The first is in a price range that I doubt I will ever own one at, the 1995 Botcon Nightracer version of the Bumblebee mold. The second and third are Optimus Prime and Soundwave from Takara of Japan, which were released alongside of this Megatron I finally got this week. The fourth is the overstock plain black version of the '95 Night Racer that one of the online retailers got at or around the time of the first Botcon.


  1. I picked up a loose Japanese Soundwave awhile back and I've been looking for the other two. Rather have them carded, but at this point I'll take them any way I can!

    1. I do have the Japanese Megatron, the bubble is dinged and the card is not perfect. He is available for trade. Right now I collect mainly G.I.Joe from Rise of Cobra through current. I have all the single carded figures, at this point I am looking for Vehicles in package. Follow The Amazing Toyland on FaceBook and we can chat about it.