Monday, July 18, 2011

The Scourge of the Forest Moon better scurry away in fear

I got two great additions to my Imperial Forces this month. I started the month off with the BA AT-AT (Big Ass All Terrain Armored Transport). I really can't put into words just how frickin' huge this thing is. Being the cheap ass that I am I held out on this toy for quite a while, besides there's things like food and rent to consider. When I saw the sticker price at Mentor Walmart at $49 I almost bought it on the spot. After a couple days of debate I broke down and bought it for this price which is half the original sticker price of $99.99. This thing is like owning a large dog, without the maintenance (thank god).

If this wasn't a good enough score, I was out at the Mayfield Toys R Us to see what I could get on clearance with an additional 25% off and low and behold, the exclusive Biker Scout Trooper and Speederbike was somehow on the shelf, actually two of them. I haven't seen this thing in probably over a year, they must have dug them out from under a shelf or something, the tape was all yellowed. I had debated then about buying one (or more) the last couple times I had seen it, until eventually it was too late & it sold out. As luck would have it a pair of Speeders presented themselves to me last week, and this time I wasn't going to pass up the opportunity to add to my Imperial Ranks of Endor.

With the recent addition of the Ewok medicine man, Logray, to the Ewok Terrori.. oops... I mean to the "Scourge of the Forest Moon", my Ewok army is nearing completion. (Unless of course you count the other 30 odd Ewoks that appear in the Return of the Jedi and are unlikely to ever see the light of day) I guess now that the Imperial forces have the firepower to start massacring the brave native freedom fighters of the Endor Moon, I best start work on the custom Ewoks I've been putting off for over a year. Then of course I'll have to end up making a giant custom diorama (sure that will happen).

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