Saturday, July 30, 2011

DS is dead, Jim

Well I guess I'm finished with my adventure to resurrect a dead DS handheld. When I first ordered parts and a dead system, the dead system would only blink on for a second then go off. I figured this was a "totally dead" system, with only maybe parts for salvage. I managed to earn some free Ebay bucks by signing up for a free netflix trial, so I used these bonus bucks to buy a new battery and a second "mostly" dead system. This second system did turn on but the top screen was cracked and no good. My brother agreed to help me Frankenstein a system from the parts I ordered. Unfortunately a new screen was not on the list of parts I had ordered. Instead I suggested taking a screen from that first "dead/blink" system and trying it out in the second system. Unfotunately this had the unwanted side effect of giving the second system the "blink". Basically I killed a second system that was half working. In all this endeavor to create a working system from dead ones cost me $30 (plus $15 in free EBay bucks). On the bright side, I know that in the future I should only add new parts to a partially functional system, instead of hodge-podging together parts from dead systems. I also do have the parts I ordered in new condition still: a battery, a system shell, a couple of tools, an AC adapter, a cable to connect the top and bottom screens, and a pair of hinges. Also I suppose I have the intact shell from the second system I ordered, as the first system had a cracked in half shell. So from this experience I figure in the future if I want a working system I should order one in that condition. (Likewise, if I become inclined to waste more money in the future I could always try rebuilding one again.)

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