Thursday, September 26, 2013

Generation 2 Go-bots Optimus Prime, Car Robots 2000 Super Mach Alert, & RID Ruination

While I've been keeping my eye on the rising prices of G.I.Joe I haven't strayed to far from keeping my other eye on Transformers. As it turns out a few pieces popped up in my price range recently. By now you know I have a spychanger obsession. Although I have posted pictures in the past of Generation 2 Optimus Prime, it wasn't until this week that I finally added a carded example to my collection. Being the pinnacle of the collection, unless I somehow buy a Botcon 1995 Nightracer, I am nearly done. Although I have owned a go-bots Mirage in the past, I must have sold it down the road somewhere (or possibly not actually owned it),  once I get that and a Double Clutch with Optimus and Megatron on the cardback, I will have the three series of 6 go-bots figures from Generation 2 Transformers. That collection will be more complete than any I have seen on EBay to date.

Unfortunately the blister bubble was damaged in transit, so now I have to still keep an eye out for replacement. I did buy some other G2 go-bots this past week, and as a general rule I always check to see what other similar items a seller might also be selling that I have interest in. If I get combined shipping, this makes the average price work out better on the lot. The seller of 4 Go-bots I bought this week also had a Japanese Car Robots 2000 figure, super Mach Alert available. Technically I owned all the items this seller had except a damaged Mirage. Although I figure I will be selling off my complete first sets soon of go-bots and Car Robots, so why not start on a second collection ;)

I streched my budget super thin, but had to go in on buying a carded set of Ruination from the US 2001 follow-up line to Japan's Car Robots: RID (Robots in Disguise). I sold off the majority of my CR2000 and RID collection about 5 years ago. So every now and then when I see a killer deal I go for it. So I am slowly rebuilding my previous collection. It's funny, I don't know if other people are like this, but sometimes after I sell off a collection, I start to feel nostalgic a few years down the road, and start re-buying the things I already owned. Although I must admit, some of the toys I have owned in the past and sold off, I really no longer have any inclination to buy or even look at. I have no urge to own vintage TMNT, but I am always looking at Kenner Predator and Aliens figures, and occasionally Kenner Terminator and Gargoyles. I will leave off there for now, catch ya on the flipside. END OF LINE.

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