Sunday, September 22, 2013

Ebay shipment nightmares

One of my greatest fears is that an Ebay buyer's package gets mangles in transit to them and I get bad feedback. On the other hand I don't wish this on myself. Well the last two auctions I won were mutilated in shipping. For the package from China I can understand. The shipping was free and I expected some thin cardboard box. However they usually arrive in fair condition instead I got this:
So then I order something else and this arrives:
Though theoretically not as bad as the first, it was more stomped on than the image belays. Somehow the Thundercats in the box from China survived with the smallest of dents on the cardback for Wilykat. The second box had two things going for it, 1. it was about three and a half times larger than it needed to be. and 2. the item was packed on the diagonal of the box, where usually one side of the toy is flush with a side of the box, by some miracle this seller took an unconventional approach to boxing the item. I think the second item was Takara's Car Robots 2000 Speedbreaker. More on my recent purchase and sales soon. End of line.

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