Friday, December 19, 2014

Superman ushers in the official Facebook page for The Amazing Toyland's Blog

To inaugurate the Facebook page for The Amazing Toyland Blog, We set our eyes on one of the most iconic characters in comics, movies, and beyond. Superman has a weird history as an action figure, at a certain point in the early 90's, because of licensing rights being tied up by a company that wasn't interested in making Superman action figures, we were without a plastic update since Super Powers. However since the rights got freed up to Kenner, we have seen quite a few Superman toylines come and go. Most recently we had the Superman Man of Steel motion picture figures. With wicked cool sculpted Kryptonian armor,a 3.75 inch scale, but sadly limited articulation these poor toys are languishing in closeout chain's like Ohio's own Marc's and the national chain Five Below. One of the cooler items at the launch of the movie tie in line was Target's 5pack exclusive, which gave us Jor El as portrayed by Russel Crow. A figure that deserved wider distribution due to his key role in Man of Steel. (Edit 11/23/15: The Jor El figure can be seen in the front lower left of the attached image)

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