Wednesday, July 23, 2014

No Joe news is Good Joe news?

Well I have been pretty busy with a lot of things of late, but sadly updating my blog often was not one of them. On a very bright note I have completed, mostly via EBay, my G.I.Joe "Pursuit of Cobra" subset from 2010-2011. Though I had to dig deep for the last couple of figures, all in all it was well worth it. Now looming on the Horizon is the 50th anniversary Toys R Us/BBTS exclusive subset. This weekend is the San Diego Comic Con, so some fans out there have their hands on the new exclusive coloration version of the upcoming Danger at the Docks figure and vehicle pack. There is the ever so slight chance I might be able to order this set for myself tomorrow on Toys R Us' site. However historically, the offering of SDCC exclusives via a website has lead to sites slowing down to beyond a snail's pace and the inability for most people to actually order an exclusive.

I have been able to live without Convention exclusives, as I really do not have the bankroll to support just buying the exclusive let alone airfare out to a con and booking a hotel and whatnot. I am loosely planning on attending the Coil Con in Indiana in September, if I can get some of my friends to go in on some driving as it is a mere 5 hours from me, which, all things considered, is not a bad thing.

I am happy to say I have joined a Northeast Ohio G I Joe collecting club, by the name of JOhio, as of a few months back. I have made it to about three monthly meetings since I found out about them, missing 2 on account of severe weather and car repairs. With the drive out to the meet-ups only being 45 minutes, I view it as my convention relief, the ability to be among fellow collectors and talk all things Joe related, without airfare or hotel stay.

As I eagerly await the newest releases of Joe figures, here are some pics of my recent conquests:

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