Friday, February 22, 2013

So today's trip was 7 hours of adventuring. I headed out around 5:30 in the morning. My mission was to round up some LEGO friends and Chima polybags that were at Target. (A polyb ag is a small set of LEGOs that is usually about $4-5). I was heading out to a semi remote location about 40 minutes from home. My local Target had looked up inventory on Monday and said there were quite a few out at this other location, University Heights. e aWell I stopped at a 24 hour Giant Eagle (grocery store) and Walgreen's. At the Giant Eagle I found some Hazelnut wafer cookies by Manner. My Grandpa used to have these European made cookies when we were little. I still have an affinity for them to this day. At Walgreen's I decided to stock up some snacks for the wait for Target to open.

I was pleasantly surprised to find two of the Frito Lay Flavor contest potato chips in the Grab Bag size, Chicken and Waffles and Cheesy Garlic Bread. I also snagged a pair of Dare Habanero Slim Jims that were marked down to $1.29 each. If these are being phased out I will miss them, Tabasco Slim Jims just don't compare. As for the chips, I have mixed feelings about Chicken and Waffles, but I was looking forward to Cheesy Garlic Bread.

So I went and parked in Target's parking garage and awaited the opening. The Garlic chips were pretty good, in the end I think they had a taste, in part, that is similar to Andy Capp's Hot Fries. The Slim Jims were as awesome as I remember from when they were launched last year. My friend almost ordered me a case of those off Amazon b/c I liked them so much.

At 8AM Target opened. I took the escalator up to the second floor to scope out the toy department. I was pretty disappointed as I only found 1 Chima Polybag, alot less than Mentor had reported on Monday, there must have been a run on them. Either that or the inventory was off. There really wasn't much else of note. Since I was saving up for the LEGO I passed on some toys at Walgreen's, I took note of what I saw however.

I stopped by 3 more Walgreen's on my way back to Mayfield Target. I was pleasantly surprised to locate 2 copies of Dark of the Moon voyager size Ratchet exclusive Transformer. There wasn't much else of note at that Target. I decided to check the closeout retailer nearby that I usually didn't visit because the highway exit traffic is always insane and blocks the parking lot in a mess of cars. I found two Optimus Prime from the animated Transformers Prime cartoon from the HUB network.

Enough time had passed by this point to visit Toys R Us which opened at 10AM. Holy Shit, they had a motherload of new Hasbro toys. Almost everything from the upcoming G.I.Joe Retaliation movie, including a fresh case of figures. I had to Pass on Firefly, now for the fourth time. I don't know if I am seeing things but I swear the tip of the nose is indented on all the samples I have seen so far. They had tons of new Transformers including Deluxe and Voyager Transformers from the Fall of Cybertron video Game. I saw 3 Grimlocks and 1 Blaster redo of Soundwave (at least I think it's a redo of Soundwave.) I ended up getting a Kickback for my friend. Although I thought it was for Mike, it turns out that Neil was the one asking about it. I was only disappointed b/c the price was jacked up $2 more dollars over the price hike that took place in the last 6 months. But hey, I had to have it, so Hasbro/Toys R Us get an extra $2 from me. Very tricky.

I then headed out to Five Below. I love this store. I ended up getting a box of Spiderman Vs. cards from the long defunct Upper Deck Vs. game. The game was relatively unique in that it pitted Marvel Comics Characters against not only other Marvel Characters but DC characters as well. My friend mentioned earlier in  the week that he needed a Vs. rulebook since he inherited some Vs. cards. So I made sure to give him the box I bought at 5 Below.

I made a few more stops on the way home, and scored more Transformers Prime toys, I got Thundertron and Ultra Magnus from the Prime cartoon. I passed out when I got home in the early afternoon. All in all an amazing day of toy  Oh and I got the best sleep I've had in weeks.

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