Saturday, December 10, 2011

More MOSC fun from Transformers Generation 2

Since I have a couple posts going up today regarding Transformers, I figured I'd start with the most vintage of the toys. But first some lessons in toy collecting jargon. MOSC in collector's circles stands for "Mint on sealed Card" which is often mistaken for MOMC "Mint on Mint Card". MOMC refers to a carded example of a product with an impeccably factory new AKA "mint" package. MOSC merely indicates the items are still sealed on the original card with no indication as to the condition of the package other than the original glue is holding the toy to the cardback. MOSC is sometimes referred to simply as MOC, or "Mint on Card".

As you are well aware by this point I have a Transformers collection focus, namely "spychangers" which is sometimes retroactively applied as the name for the same toys as they appeared in Generation 2, although technically the term "spychanger" was not coined until either Takara's Car Robots 2000 or Hasbro's Robots in Disguise toyline (RID for short circa 2001). In generation 2 the cars were called "Go-bots" as Hasbro had acquired the name "Go-bots" from Tonka when it was absorbed into the Big H. These cars were clearly Hot Wheels sized and touted as having high speed racing axles. Although I have never botherd to try, I believe the cars actually fit onto Hot Wheels Tracks.

I managed to sweep up some great auctions a few months ago, and I got some toys from Generation 2, Machine Wars, and Takara's Robot Masters. For your purusal today is the two MOSC examples I purchased: Ironhide and Sideswipe. Both names came from Generation One, and I think were intended to help existing fans relate to these diminutive Transformers. I really don't have much more to say about these characters today, I mainly felt like showing off. Although in conclusion, it is neat that Sideswipe and Optimus Prime share molds and one is red while the other is blue, the complimentary colors of old 3D glasses.

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