Saturday, June 25, 2011

We can rebuild the DS, we can make it stronger, better, faster

Around the time the Nintendo DSi was released I sold off my DS original game system. My thinking was, "I can get a good price for this system now, and since the new system is out I can rebuy an original DS for less in the future." Well I was wrong, although I got a decent price when I sold off my system, the price of a used original DS system did not come down. So I checked the price of an original DS system the other week when LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean came out. It was $70 used, but refurbished, at Gamestop. This was higher than when I had originally bought a used replacement for my 2003 DS. So I was checking out DS systems on Ebay this week when the manager of my local Denny's enlisted my help to help sell off her DSi and DS Lite. She managed to sell the DSi off to my friend Ken, but was unable to get a credit for the DS Lite because the hinge on the shell casing was cracked. Gamestop, Best Buy, and the local new & used outlet Buy Backs didn't want it b/c it was cracked. So I did a little more digging around on Ebay and saw that there was alot of replacement parts for DS systems of any generation for fairly cheap out of China. My one brother is a bit of a technical wizard with computers so I asked him if he could oversee me if I wanted to rebuild a system. He agreed. So tonight I bid on and won a broken original DS system for $12.50 with free shipping. Then I used Buy It Now to get the replacement hinges, system shell, screen connector cable, & an AC wall charger all out of a few overseas vendors. All the parts should arrive by the second week of July. The parts I didn't buy were replacement screens, touch screen, or battery. So In a few weeks I'll let you know how my project works out and if I can manage to Frankenstein a system together. BTW I decided to get a white shell so it would look a little more modern like the DSi.

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